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The Psychology of Lending Decisions - Looking Back and Moving Forth


Doktorand Carl-Christian Trönnberg försvarar sin licentiatuppsats. Opponenter är postdoktor Håkan Nilsson, Uppsala universitet, samt doktorandopponent Melanie Knieps.

The aim of this thesis was to examine how loan officers´ think and act when making assessments of loan proposals from companies. We wanted to merge earlier findings from economic and management literature with findings on decision making from psychology. There are several factors affecting the loan officer´s decision process, both individual and organizational. The importance of valid loan assessments can be understood through the substantial economic crises that the global economy has suffered as well as the severe problems invalid lending decisions bring for both banks and clients. In Study I we conducted a review of the research on lending decision making concerning company credits since 2000. We did this as we wanted to create a basis to which sequent research could benefit from. The results from the review tell us that organizational factors such as lending technology are influential for the lending decisions, that loan officer´s commit cognitive errors when assessing clients and that intuitive reasoning seem to be an important part of lending decision making. We discuss the findings on the basis of earlier research and propose three conclusions. In study II we examined how loan officer´s make decisions about loan proposals through 88 interviews conducted in the four biggest banks in Sweden. We used the critical incident method previously never used to investigate lending decision making. The results tell us that the loan officer´s in our sample used deliberate reasoning to a higher extent than intuitive reasoning when making lending decisions. The ratio between the different reasoning styles differed between the banks and one bank reported significantly lower use of intuitive reasoning than the others. Furthermore, when reporting which kind of problems the loan officers experienced, the problems highest in frequency were those of assessing soft information, e.g., relationship with client. We discuss the findings on the basis of relevant decision making literature and points out the potential problems that could arise in lending decision making.

Datum: 2012-06-14

Tid: 13:00 - 15:00

Kategorier: Psykologi

Plats: Psykologen, Haraldsgatan 1
Föreläsningssal 5 (F5) Psykologiska institutionen, Haraldsdgatan 1

Kontaktperson: Ann Backlund

Telefon: 031-786 1637

Sidansvarig: Ann-Sofie Sten|Sidan uppdaterades: 2013-10-25

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