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Kurs: Legal Psychology: Current Research

Nyhet: 2018-10-09

Den här kursen (Rättspsykologi: Aktuell forskning) vänder sig till dig som studerar, eller är på väg att börja studera psykologi på mastersnivå, och som är intresserad av psykologisk forskning som är relevant för rättssystemet. Kursen lämpar sig väl för den som även funderar på att gå vidare till forskarstudier.

Kursen ges på engelska och går på halvfart, dagtid, under vårterminen.
Sista dag för ansökan är 15 oktober. Kursen kommer troligtvis även gå att söka i omgång två när det är möjligt att göra en sen anmälan, det vill säga från 14 december.

Kursen lämpar sig väl att kombindera med Social Psychology, 15 credits

Mer om utbildning vid Psykologiska institutionen

This course aimes at students with a solid background in Psychology at a bachelor's level, who are beginning or are currently studying at master´s level. This course is well-suited for students who are particularly interested in cutting-edge psychological research of relevance for the legal system, and especially students who have the ambition to move on to PhD-level studies.

A message from the course leaders…

Legal psychology is concerned with applying psychological theory and research to the legal system. It uses the scientific method to address contemporary, real-world societal problems to which psychology is relevant. How do judges and lawyers make decisions? How do investigators interpret evidence? What factors influence the reliability of eyewitnesses? How can people remember things that never happened? Is it possible to accurately detect lies? How should we question witnesses and victims in order to obtain useful information? How should we question suspects of crimes? Current psychological science has much to offer about each of these questions and can play an important role in advancing practice and policy in the legal system.

Previous students have found the course has lived up to their high expectations. They have remarked that it is fun and interesting, in addition to providing answers to questions and highlighting issues in the legal psychology arena.

Course leader Information

Timothy Luke is a Senior Lecturer of Legal Psychology. His research primarily concerns interviewing, interrogation, and deception. Before coming to the University of Gothenburg, he studied, lectured, and conducted research at John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York. In addition to his academic work, he has provided interviewing and interrogation training to law enforcement and military practitioners, and he has consulted on criminal cases involving possible coerced and false confessions.


Leif Strömwall is a Professor of Psychology and Deputy Head of Department. He has conducted psycho-legal research for more than 15 years, as well as teaching legal psychology at all levels, including supervision of PhD students. His main interests are deception detection, interrogations, victim-blaming, and research methods. He is a founding member of the internationally acclaimed research group CLIP – the research unit for criminal, legal and investigative psychology.


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